Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paradise Falls

It's Monday. The Monday before my spring break. I'm sitting in the kitchen, brewing some hot water for some tea and watching "The Price is Right", dreading my drive to school in about an hour and some.  Earl grey is my flavor of choice today. But to be honest, I haven't had a good cup of tea since tea time at West Middlesex University Hospital during my internship while in London. Dreary days like we've had recently make me long to be back in London. Regardless of the weather it is a beautiful city that stole my heart 4 years ago.  When you study abroad, the experience is completely different than visiting. The place becomes your home for four to five months. And for me, it was the first time I had been more than 15 minutes away from home for more than two weeks.  I couldn't just call home to have mom bring something in to town, I couldn't just run home to wash a load of clothes (it was also the first time I had to pay for laundry).  But, if I could, I would go right now and do it again.  My life was changed completely while abroad. I grew up and learned a lot about myself.  I could talk about studying abroad all day long. If you'd like to read about my experiences there you can check out my old blog, Mind the Gap.  I can't talk about London too much or I start to get miserable and look at flights there.

While I could talk about London forever, that wasn't supposed to be the point of this blogpost. Actually, I didn't have a point but to write another blog.  Talking about London gave me direction to where I wanted this to go. Adventure. I just changed my twitter picture to picture from "Up", it reminded me of the Spirit of Adventure. Regardless of where you are physically or in life in general you can have adventure. It's important to have adventure.  I think adventure keeps us alive and motivated to continue with life or whatever we are working on.  Adventure gives us a break from reality, something that we must remember to do. 
With the weather being so yucky lately R and I haven't been able to do too many crazy adventures.  One thing we did begin to do is Rock Climb. I don't think that I've talked about it before. We started going to Climb Iowa in Grimes, IA.  And by "started going" I mean we've gone twice, none-the-less, we fell in love quickly.  Climb Iowa is a great facility and are pretty helpful to get you started.
We started in the winter so we haven't had a chance to go outside yet. We're itching for spring to get here so that we can try it out. R has actually been reading a book about rock climbing too!

I'll be honest, I'm a little worried about going outdoors, without the comfort of knowing there's padding on the ground if I fall. But I know that if we do it correctly we'll be fine.

I'm excited because I know that we'll see sights that not too many others get to see, just like with our kayak outings.  Plus, rock climbing will give us one more awesome thing to help us stand out on our try-out video for the Amazing Race.  :) Someday. Applying for the Amazing Race is one thing that is on our bucket list.  While we're watching it we're always picking what challenge we are going to do and who is going to do it.  I think we'd do pretty good but you never know.

Just a brief update about some of our adventures. Spring is coming so more will soon come. We have a couple travel/vacation plans in the air. Texas will be visited this year and there's some talk of going to Ukraine with some friends in December/January.  Next year we have  a family vacay planned to go to Colorado with R's family. All the plans are pretty well still up in the air but I'm excited none-the-less.

Adventure is out there!


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