About Me

I'm a newly wed who's life is sometimes a little crazy...
I work random hours at the hospital in town, covering EMS call on as much as possible, and trying to find time in between to clean and work on our house.

I love helping people, which is one reason I am planning on becoming a doctor (eventually), in the time being I busy my self with nursing, therefore I like sciencey stuff, health and hospital stuff.

I also like to think I'm crafty and like sewing.

I occasionally tweet @heatherreineke

I like to live by 2 Chronicles 15:7. "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." Each day is for a purpose.

This blog post talks about the start of this. 

The short story is I'll post mostly DIY stuff. I'm a full time house wife with a part time job and will be in nursing school this fall so I don't promise frequent postings. I'll also tag most of my posts on pinterest so feel free to follow me on there! If you have any suggestions about things you want me to post about or try let me know. I'm always up for suggestions and new adventures. :)

Hope you enjoy!


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