Saturday, January 11, 2014

35 Life goals.

Well I'm beginning my quarter of a century crisis... January 12 I will turn the big 2-5. It got me thinking, I've got 5 years till I turn 30. Some of the goals I started coming up with I didn't know if 5 years was enough time. So I put it to 35 to give me that extra kick to get things accomplished.  Just a few goals I've come up with. I know I have accomplished a lot of things in my 25 years on this earth and in the next 10 I hope to have many many more things done. I know some of these will be done this year too, which wasn't purposely done to get more checked off but to see that push towards excellence in all areas and to show that they really are big accomplishments.

In no particular order :)

  1. Start a family- As a women gets older, having children gets more difficult and more risky. At this time, I'm thinking I want to have 2 biological children and adopt one. 
  2. Graduate from nursing school- Registered Nurse- One of the givens, it will happen this year :) (April 25, 2014)  
  3. Graduate from the BSN program- Again, will happen. I plan to start this summer and then I will graduate with my BSN next April (2015). 
  4. Work as an RN in an Emergency Department- I have a passion for Emergency medicine and hope to eventually work in this department, or critical care but I haven't had as much exposure to those departments. 
  5. Free read at least 4 books a year (hopefully more)- I enjoy reading but with school it is hard to make time for it. 4 books a year gives me 3 months to finish one, hopefully plenty of time! I'm assuming when I get school done I will be reading more so this may be able to be adjusted later!  
  6. Finish remodeling our house! This is a big goal, and I know a home is never really finished because once we finish something we'll want to start on another project. Right now it just seems like we have so much to do yet! 
  7. Finish Candy Crush. - Okay, maybe not a real important goal but still, are they really going to keep making levels so it's never finishable? I hope by 35 I'm not still playing it all the time but it's possible I guess. 
  8. Go back to Europe! I LOVE Europe and love traveling. Currently, Randy and I were in Europe 5 years ago and then we went again this December so maybe it's a q 5 year thing. 
  9. Ride Ragbrai- I have always kind of wanted to do this, with a real desire this past year after watching the riders go through Pella and Bussey. I think I would like to start doing one day and then go up from there but Randy wants to jump right in to do the whole week! I have a road bike and started some little training last year but it'll be basically starting from scratch when it warms enough to ride again! 
  10. Run a 5k. Yes I know, one of my first rules of this blog was that it wasn't going to turn into a fitness blog and I wasn't going to be running to work out. Well, I have found some socks that greatly help the way my foot feels. They're called "Feetures" and they give a lot of support for my arches. Seriously, I put one on and my foot felt better instantly. I started doing a couch to 5k program, but developed a nasty cold so it's on hold till I feel a little better. 
  11. Source
  12. Become a flight nurse- I have recently developed this huge goal of becoming a flight nurse. I think it is something I'll really enjoy, but mostly I just want to wear the BA flight suit ;) Just kidding. I love EMS and all that comes with it.  
  13.  Quilt - I already love sewing. I think it would be fun to learn to quilt and make many quilts in the future.
  14. Finish my Civil war gown This is something I've started but nursing school got in the way again.  I actually hope I'll get it done sooner rather than later...
  15. Each year, go to a place I've never been before. This is directly from a pin I've pinned but I think it's a good goal, especially since I love traveling. The destinations don't have to be far away either. There's a lot of places in Iowa I haven't been yet. 
  16. Camp in the mountains- This could likely be done this summer when we visit Colorado but if not I still would like to. We have all the equipment for backwoods camping just have to get out there and do it
  17. Kayak down the river- We didn't have enough water last summer to be able to do this but it's defiantly something we want to do. Camping along the banks if needed. 
  18. Go on a medical missions trip. I love missions and have heard great things about certain medical mission trips. I have plenty of connections to do it, just need to get the time to go! 
  19. Go for a hot air balloon ride. I love flying and heights so just one of those things I want to do! 
  20. Add some more states to be checked off of the 50.  I eventually want to check off all 50 states but that likely won't happen in the next 10 years. I'd love to say we'll be at least half way though. 
  21. Have a "Big Bang Theory" and "FRIENDS" marathon- Probably my absolute favorite shows, (besides 2 Broke Girls). I laugh at every episode no matter how many times I've seen it. 
  22. Go to a drive in movie- We have a theater close, and I've been before but lately it just hasn't worked out or there hasn't been two movies that we wanted to see well enough. 
  23. Keep going to musicals or plays- I love theater and love seeing plays and musicals. Luckily Randy doesn't mind going either. :) 
  24. Keep my "new Year's resolution"- I put it in quotes because it's not a really a resolution but it's something that needs to be done.  I'd like to loose about 15 pounds. I'm hoping that my training for the runs will help but I'm also going to try to eat better. :) 
  25. Work out at least 3 times a week, every week. This goes along with #23 and being healthier, plus it's just a good rule of thumb for everyone. 
  26. Keep falling in love my my husband every single day. There isn't a day that he doesn't amaze me and make me love him. I hope this continues for the next 10 years at least! 
  27. Have a celebration for our 10th year anniversary. 
  28. Be able to speak adequately in another language. (I'll add besides Spanish, since I already  know that!) Not sure what yet, but it's always good to keep learning. 
  29. Try to give homemade gifts to everyone instead of all store bought- I love to give homemade gifts and have been successful to an extent for this but would like to try to give everyone I have to gift at least one thing that's homemade. 
  30. Read my Bible more. Ugh, I'm so bad at this and it's amazing how much God can speak through it. Something needs to change and I need to read more! 
  31. Live each day as it's the last day, with no regrets and fully. 
  32. Learn to drive a stick shift. This is especially important if we're on the Amazing Race. Plus, just good knowledge. 
  33. Learn to play my guitar. Whoops, another thing that nursing school got in the way of...
  34. Change someone's life. I think this can be an on going, daily goal. Especially in my professions, but I'd love for someone's life to be different because of me. 
  35. Continue to learn. I hope I never loose the passion for learning new things. Educational or fun facts. 
  36. It's the Life in your Years ......
  37. Really work towards becoming the person I want to be. 

By the way, I'll have a post coming on my Christmas gift crafts that I made for this year. :) I'm pretty excited about them. They'll be hard to top next year though! 

~Enjoy life! ~

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