Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Time Safety

Hi folks. As the temperatures are increasing many people hit the beaches and lakes to try to cool off. I was hoping to just share a source with you of information about safety but didn't find anything I liked well enough or was pertinent to mainly the Iowa area so I decided I would compile my own.  Plus I like to comment on things. :)

First off  
Water Safety
  • ALWAYS wear a life jacket. I cannot stress this enough. While it's a great idea to have one for everyone in the boat, it's a better idea to have one on everyone who is in the boat, especially children. The Iowa DNR states that Children under the age of 13 must wear a jacket at all times. Be sure to check the fit and size of your jacket BEFORE going out. 
  • Always keep an eye on children. They do not need much water to drown, so always be able to see them and get to them in a moments notice. 
  •  The legal limit for driving a boat is the same as driving a car, 0.08. You can receive a BWI (boating while intoxicated). Be smart. Yes it is hot out and beer is cold but being on the water can be much more dangerous than being on land. 
  • While boating, it's recommended to carry some sort of distress signal such as flares, flags or lights. While this is not required in Iowa, having these types of signals could be the difference between being stranded all day long or just a few hours.
  • Be courteous of other boaters. 
Change of plans. As Memorial day weekend quickly approaches and my time is running out to finish this I found a couple of resources to share.  The first is based from Massachusetts, regardless it has tips for everything you might be doing this weekend. 
Safe Memorial Day
And who doesn't use WebMD to find out their latest ailment is actually cancer? Regardless of their medical advice on some issues, they have posted an article about safety.

Here's more of my short list of tips though. Later this summer I"ll try to edit more and include more info. :)

  • I don't care if you ride a bicycle or motorcycle or tricycle, wear your helmet.  This is another cannot stress enough. I've seen and had too many friends in accidents. 
  • Wear sunscreen. SPF 30-50 is generally pretty good.
  • Use bug replant and check each other for ticks. :) (To remove ticks use a tweezer to pull it straight off making sure to get all the legs and mouth. If reddness or a red ring/rash appears see a doctor.) 
  • Make sure fires are extinguished fully before leaving. 
  • Know your location or reference points so if you need to call 911, help can find you easier. 
  • Don't forget what the weekend/day is really for. Thank a veteran or service man/woman. 
  • Be smart and use your common sense, I know you all have one. 
Enjoy your weekend. We'll be traveling to Texas for the weekend. It will be a much needed vacation. :)

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