Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's try this again

I have decided to restart this blog some and maybe actually use it. I've noticed quite a few friends have been blogging so it's a good way to stay in touch with them and see what's going on in their lives. 
"the girl with the red door" stems from back in the day when I used to watch One Tree Hill regularly. Brooke was the girl behind the red door.

When the "One Tree Hill" gang was still in high school, Brooke (Sophia Bush) described herself as "the girl behind the red door." She was referring to the front door of the giant house she grew up in -- raising herself, more or less. "The girl behind the red door" was a lot of things over the high school years - she was the head cheerleader, the class president, and, in less pleasant times, the school slut and the girl whose heart was broken repeatedly by the people she trusted most. 
While that is not exactly why I chose the header since then I thought it would be awesome to have a different colored door, a red one. So now that I've grown up and bought a house, with red doors, I thought I'd venture back to use the title. Plus, I always tell people our house is the one with the red roof and red doors. It seems to narrow it down a little bit. 

This blog will not be updated regularly. Nor do I believe many will read it. It is mostly to chronicle my life for my future children. With that being said, This is in no way a way of announcing anything. We will have children eventually, but right now I want to be done with school before this happens. So it'll be several years but I want to remember these years. 

I'll try to post recipes I use, house up dates, crafts, ect. that kind of stuff that people might actually be interested in. However, as I said earlier it will not be updated regularly and I'm bad at remember to take pictures when I'm doing something so it'll most likely be final products that you'll see. :) 

If you want to know something ask, if you want me to post about something ask. I'm up for anything. :) Here goes nothing!

ps. the picture above is not mine. I got it of pinterest. :) but it was a lot nicer than my front door for the time being. I might eventually update it with my own door.

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