Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deep breath

Today I took a deep breath of cool, crisp winter air as I was loading up my car with probably far too much stuff (but you never really know what you are going to need/want for a month!) I am halfway done with my undergraduate college. As crazy as that sounds it has gone very quickly. How could I have possibly gone through 16 and a half years of school with only 5ish months left?! It can't be possible.

As Christmas and the end of the year approach I like to reflect back on this year.

January: I turned 21, went out for drinks with my family and my best friend Randy. Randy and I also went to the Lion King in DesMoines and the Royal Mile (with Strongbow on tap!). I spent the majority of my Christmas break studying for the MCAT...
February:Randy took his Firefighter 1 test and passed! My friends and I got all dolled up and went to Charity Ball that Central puts on every year.
March:I went to New Orleans for spring break like I have before and had a great time. I always make great friendships on these trips and get pushed a little harder with my faith. Can't wait to go back over this winter break!
April: Randy and I went to Tenth Avenue North and Casting Crowns (2 of my faves!) and just so happened to get 2nd row seats because it was general admission! Great Concert! We went to Hillsong United too. I LOVE Hillsong. (good month for concerts! :) )I also participate in Central's first ever Dance Marathon. It was a great time although I was pooped afterwards and ours was only about 6 hours!
May: We set a world record for most people in wooden shoes dancing at one time! I even got Randy to dress up! :D Finals brought the end of my Junior year

June: Oh where to begin with June! I took the very dreaded MCAT on the 17 and was physically and mentally exhausted afterward. The very next day I left on a trip of a lifetime. My boyfriend and I were taking a 2 week road trip to the west coast. We drove and tent camped the entire time. I love to say it was the best trip I've ever had but it is so hard to compete with studying abroad in London for 4 months and having Europe at your finger tips! Anyway-- Our trip was amazing. We crammed as much as we could into those 2 weeks, including 3 days in Canada, the space needle, the coast, Mount St. Hellen, Yellowstone/Old faithful. The highlight of the trip? Getting engaged! So since then we've been busy planning a wedding. :)    
July: I bought a new (used) car! I was getting tired of my blazer and almost lost a tired at one point...haha
August: oh August, the start of my Senior year! Submitted (and resubmitted and resubmitted) my Medical school application!
September Not many exciting things happened. Did a lot of wedding planning...
October Did a walk for Breast Cancer recovery and had a great time! My application was FINALLY completely fully, I started to hear back for requests to do secondary apps! We took our engagement pictures, it was so much fun and we had GREAT weather! I bought my wedding dress and found bridesmaids dresses and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! :D 
November Celebrating Samantha's graduation as an LPN. Finding out my other best friend, and bridesmaid is pregnant and due July 11! Celebrated Thanksgivings with families and future families! I love family time. :D
December Celebrated my Mom's 50th birthday by decorating her office. Went to Mary Poppins with family. and took finals and finished my first half of my Senior year! 

Wow, looking at it that way it seems like not a lot happened but it's been a great year! Getting to know new people and making new friends who mean the world to me and growing closer to so many old friends. While there are always ups and downs in life there will always be those who are always there for you and those are the friends I want standing next to me! 

Here's to another great year and a start of an even bigger one! God is good! 

Merry Christmas! Remember the real reason for the season! 

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