Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In the past few weeks I have discovered a lot about where I'll be in the near future. Today, I learned I have not been accepted to Midwestern University. A couple weeks ago I learned I was not accepted to ATSU. These two disappointments have led to a greater joy. Starting in July when I am married I will be living with my husband in Pella. I don't have to worry about searching for an apartment or living 2+ hours away from him for the first year of our marriage. This to me could not make me happier. I know that God provides and this is one way, while it may not seem like a very positive thing to be rejected from 2 Medical schools I was hoping for I know that my Lord has a perfect and awesome plan for me. He knows my desires and my goals and through prayer his plans have become my plans. So I truly believe that the medical field is where I need to be pursuing and I know that God will open doors when he closes other so I've given up worrying. :) 

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