Friday, June 15, 2012

My love...

My Kitchen aid mixer! 

I recently bought a vinyl decal for my kitchen aid and put it on today. I bought it off of Etsy. Which had become a new (again) obsession. I say that because around the time of my wedding I was on it quite a bit for ideas and things (there are TONS of wedding things on it!)
I bought it from the shop Topline Design, check her shop out here . She mostly has Kitchenaid decals but has a few other vinyls out there. The part I love love love about etsy is that so many shops are willing to do customs designs or work for you.

As most know I took the EMT-B course last summer and R is a Fireman. When I was in my instructors office in the fall I saw a picture of a Fireman's prayer and another of an EMT prayer. I loved what they said. They both start off along the lines of "When I am called  duties" or "As I perform my duties"...The EMS one is by L. Lipps but the FF one is unknown. They go along the lines of please keep my family safe, help me do my best, help me stay safe, be with the people I'm helping... You can see the whole version here (Prayers).

So naturally I started looking around etsy to find them, I knew I didn't just want them on paper. It had to be something more that would look nice displayed in our home. I quickly found the perfect FF one, but was struggling with the EMS one. The shop I found it in is called  UrbanTimberWoodworks :Laser Engraving and Fine Woodworking. I sent them a message asking if they'd be willing to do the EMS one. We then worked together to figure out images. They were very helpful. It was hard to find an image of an EMT because we don't have specific turnout gear and in general wear regular clothes, plus with 9-11 I think there were quite a few pictures of ff praying/kneeling. Despite this I love the way it turned out, plus the wood matches our front room perfectly.

I will probably continue to spend too much money on etsy. Although, to be honest most of the products are very reasonably priced and I love not buying everything from big stores and helping out the smaller guys/ home businesses.  

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