Monday, June 11, 2012

Product review: Glidden porch/step paint

Recently we painted our basement steps. I really had no idea what color to paint them and could really care less about what color they were. I've been buying our paint from Walmart, purely out of convenience. If you know anything about our Walmart it's pretty ridiculous and doesn't carry much. So I browsed the aisle for exterior paint and found Glidden's porch/step paint in "battleship gray". It's interior/exterior so I was able to use it for both the basement steps and the porch, which is good because it only comes in gallon size and the steps didn't take much even doing 2 coats. 

This paint has tiny sand like particles in it to make it "slip resistant". I had a good friend tell me to get 'painter's sand' (not exactly sure one what the official name is) to put in the paint. He said that he did it for his basement steps and can walk down them with oily/greasy shoes and not slip at all. So I would recommend doing that if you want to have a different color paint rather than battleship gray. The Glidden paint that I used already had this stuff in it. I was worried about walking on it barefoot but you really don't notice it. 

Overall I was happily pleased with the results. I didn't have to tint the paint because our house is gray and the steps and porch were previously gray and I was fine with that color. I actually bought the gray because I thought that it would look best for the porch and decided that since it was interior/exterior I just as well use it for the steps too.  I think that it does come in white or tint-able, also. 

The down fall is that it only comes in gallon size so if you have a smaller project you might have a lot left over. Like I would have if I had only chosen to do the steps. I'm happy that I found this paint and didn't have to mess with adding the sand my self.

Glidden Website

Off to paint the rest of the porch!

**This is purely my own opinion**

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