Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yaking it up.

Well a few days have gone by and I haven't done anything really blog worthy.
We spent the weekend doing things we love. We had a car accident we both helped out with, went to an auction, had a wedding (ok, It might have just been me that loves weddings!), watched some movies, and went kayaking.

We bought kayaks last fall and haven't had very many chances to get them out but we've been blessed with awesome weather. We took them out memorial day weekend a couple time and then this weekend on Sunday. Sunday was absolutely perfect for it. It was calm so we didn't get blown all over the place. Since we've only been out a couple times we've only gone out on Robert's Creek. We hope to some day go on the lake and kayak over to Hickory Ridge Park.(check it out here) Which  is the only U.S. Army Corps of Engineers paddle-in camp in Iowa. We also want to take a trip down the river some week. Right here just about a 15 minute drive from our house. We're so lucky to have Red Rock this close. I don't think that we would have gotten kayaks had we lived somewhere else, which would be a shame because we love it. We each have a ~10ft kayak. They've got enough room in them that we'd be able to pack some gear in them for our trips. It takes a lot of upper body strength but the nice part about having our own is that you don't have to be dependent on each other. I can stop paddling for a while and take a break and he can keep going. It is so incredibly relaxing too, to be that close to the water and in peace and quiet. (provided that someone doesn't have a terrible boat motor going).

We have not tipped over yet either. We've rocked them and tilted pretty far but no problems yet. :)
Now we're just trying to figure out names for them. Hubby's yellow one is affectionately called the banana right now. (I like to call it the banana hammock but he doesn't like that for some reason ;) ) R is probably going to call his "Little Rebel" though from some confederate ship. I'm still working on mine, suggestions are encouraged other wise I"ll probably pick from :Serenity, The Inferno or razzmatazz. :)

I'll leave you with this:

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