Thursday, July 19, 2012

Travel back in time

As I said before, R has done civil war reenacting for a while and I recently started tagging along with him. It's a lot of fun to get a way from everything for a while and what better way than jumping back to the 1860's for a while. The most recent one we went to was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at Seminal Valley farm. 
It was HOT. Wearing wool in the summer is not my favorite part about them. 
It's a great time to sit around (sometimes around a fire) and bs with the guys. 
We fire an original piece, (the one on the bottom of the picture above). We also have another replica that we use when we have enough men, as we did this weekend. We represent Scott's Tennessee Battery, they were confederates. There are some battles that the guys do Yankee at but mostly they stick to being confeds if possible.
 It's actually a lot of fun even though I have never ever liked history. It's an experience not many people say that they do. 

I'm actually also in the process of making my own gown too. I just started today with cutting the pattern out so pictures and a blog about it will come at a much later date. :)

Short and sweet tonight. I plan on "gushy" love post sometime soon. It was our 1st anniversary on Monday so I can't help it. :] 

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