Friday, September 7, 2012

One week closer to RN

I won't apologize for no post recently since I said when I started my postings would be irregular. I also haven't really done a whole lot that's blog worthy. 

I had my first week of Nursing school this week. I started at Mercy College of Health Science in Des Moines; being as how it was labor day we did not have class on Monday so it was only a 2 day week for me (I'll have clinical on Thursdays and we don't start those till October.) Overall it was a good couple of days. I have to say though after being out for a year and not doing any real studying it's a little hard to sit through 3 and 4 hour classes. We get breaks every hour but still. I'm really dreading 3 hours of English on Monday. I'm taking 15 credit hours; I'll be in the class room for English and my Nursing 101/102 classes, and taking 2 online classes. I've taken an online class before but this is really the first time I've signed up for multiple. I'm prepping myself for my BSN classes which will all be online. 

I thought I would use this post to write about my goals. I think it's fun to look back and see what we thought we would be doing and where we would be. Obviously 5 years ago I didn't think I would be in nursing school and I'm sure in one of my Central courses I wrote my goals but at this point I have no idea where to look for them. Now I'll have a semi concrete place that I can flip back to. 
I've never really liked writing out my goals either because for me it's always been a more personal thing but here's to me trying new things. :) 
[Random side note, the neighbor girl is riding her big wheel down the sidewalk and driveways. She's adorable and kinda distracting...good thing I don't have homework!]

Ok so back to my goals. 
 Short term: 
Get the house cleaned.
 I should hopefully be able to get caught up on cleaning by the end of the weekend. If you've read my past postings you know I set up a cleaning schedule (Squeaky Clean). For the most part this has worked really well until I started working more and got tired when I was home and didn't want to clean. I'm hoping to pick it back up though and stick with it more. 

2 years:
Graduate from Nursing school with my RN and most if not all of my BSN. 
If all goes according to plan (which we all know how that works out) I will graduate in April of 2014. If I successfully complete all my classes I will graduate as a Registered Nurse. I will also (hopefully) have many of my BSN courses complete if not all of them. That means that in these next 2 years I have to work my butt off. 

I want to find a department that I absolutely love to work in. 
 Right now I love working Med/Surg as a tech and Unit secretary but I don't think that it's where I want to be my whole life. Especially with a lot of the changes that are happening with medicare it's become a different department.
At this point I'm thinking that I would love to work in the Emergency Department or in Surgery. Ever since my study abroad internship in the hospital and observing in surgery I've wanted to get back there. Working as an EMT has made me discover I'm kind of a trauma junkie {I don't want you to get hurt but if you do, I wanna be there}. I know that not everyday is full of trauma and there's a lot of bad crap that happens too but I think it's the environment that I like. At this point I don't want to do Peds or OB.

I'd love for all the house projects to be done in 2 years.
Realistically I don't think that will happen. I know that home-ownership is an ongoing project and new things always come up but look how much we've accomplished in less than a year. At this time a year ago we were just beginning to look at houses and I was still kinda against the idea. Now I couldn't be happier with the home we've made. It might not be exactly how I've dreamed my house to look or the perfect floor plan but we've made it ours and thats the most important thing. 

To avoid getting too long I'll stop with that. I've got some 5+ year goals in mind too. Keep watching for a follow up and additional goals to be posted. As I work toward finishing school I know that things will change and where I want to be will change and God will reveal to me exactly where I need to be. :)


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