Monday, November 5, 2012

Row Row row your boat

November is here; along with it came colder weather unfortunately. I am happy however, that we have not yet had any snowfall. Since I am driving an hour to school 4 days a week, I'll be perfectly fine if we don't have any snow this year, I know several  people who wouldn't be as happy.

From this summer
I was perfectly happy to be out in the kayak on the water yesterday. It was truly one of those days you know is straight from the Heavens. R and I went out on Lake Red Rock which is just minutes from where we are. We are so lucky to have an awesome place like Lake Red Rock this close to us, so we've decided to take advantage of it!

Our goal was to find some caves that you can paddle through. R thought they were west of the boat dock we went in at but when we got home we realized they were East...oh well. We still saw some really awesome sights.  We went about 2.5 miles west from the Elk Rock boat dock giving us a 5 mile round trip.

Check out the video of the 'caves' below!

We'll get there some day! It's supposed to be really nice again this weekend so maybe we'll be able to get them out again!  It was an awesome work out. I was needing to get one in on Saturday because I didn't do so hot this week and skipped a couple days. School has begun to get crazy, so even more reason to keep up with working out! It really does make me feel better. 

One thing I wanted to share is the website I use to track my workouts with. I found it a while back when I wanted to map my bike rides to see how far I was going.  It's don't worry, it's not just for biking. I've tracked my Zumba on their too. Most recently, I discovered that you don't have to track on typical sidewalks/roads. 
Our route from
This is how I learned how far we 'yaked the other day.  I keep all my maps private because it's really just for me to know where I've gone and how far it was. Yes you can do this with any mapping website but I've found map my ride to be my favorite so far.

For you high tech people, it does have a mobile app and I you can link it up to other  tracking things like Garmen or Nike ect. I don't have any of that fancy smancy stuff so I'm not sure how that works. 
It also has food intake. I try to keep up with that but I fail at it. Maybe I'll have that as a goal some day. :) 

So far in my Operation Pants fit goal. I have kept up with it. I've upped the intensity on Zumba to "intermediate" now too, so it's a little bit more of a work out but I actually like some of the beginner routines better and get more tired after them. R has started working out more now too so we're in it together! 
I have a bridal shower coming up this Friday so I plan on making some yummy things for it so recipes will come after it! 



  1. Nice! I use MapMyRun, which I'm guessing is very similar to MapMyRide. Too cold to kayak for me, I think. Brr!

    1. I would think it would be similar. I was just riding my bike more when I was doing it. I like that it lets me track sidewalks rather than the road, like around Central.
      It actually wasn't that cold, granted I had about 4 layers on. There was very little wind. Plus it's such a work out I worked up a sweat even with the cold!