Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Halloween.

CreditHalloween 2012: Top Costumes, History, Myths, More

 How cute is that pumpkin! Way better than the traditional Jack-o-lanterns (in my opinion)!
Since it was Halloween I thought a quick post about it was in order. :) By quick, I got this information from National Geographic, you can check it out here. )
According to National Geographic:

"Costumes consume the biggest part of the United States' Halloween dollars ($28.65 per person), followed closely by candy and decorations.
What an Average American Will Spend on Halloween in 2012
• Halloween Costumes: $28.65
• Halloween Candy: $23.27
• Decorations: $23.56
• Greeting Cards: $4.34
Ten Most Popular Adults' Halloween 2012 Costumes
1. Witch
2. Vampire
3. Pirate
4. Batman character
5. Zombie
6. Vixen
7. Princess
8 (tied). Ghost
8 (tied). Nurse
10. Cat
Ten Most Popular Children's Halloween 2010 Costumes
1. Princess
2. Batman
3. Spider-Man
4. Witch
5. Disney Princess
6. Action/superhero
7. Pirate
8. Vampire
9. Zombie
10. Ghost 

How did you rank on your costume? I didn't dress up, no where to go and too busy if there was somewhere to go. I'm not very creative though, I would have done something easy like a nurse, since I have all the stuff! :) 

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