Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Check: Being Healthier

Today I am restarting my diet and exercise for 2013. I went downhill with school and a new semester so now that I am well into it I have decided it's time for another go. I also went to the dr today for a physical and he told me loosing some weight will help my feet problems. Which I knew and have been working on, he also told me nursing school wasn't an excuse for putting on extra weight. For some reason hearing from him that I needed to start doing something hit hard and home. So I decided today that I will be using MapMyRide for my intake and exercise. I've talked about it before which you can read about Here.

I have wanted to start working out more mostly because we have developed a love for rock climbing. We've bought most of the supplies we need so we're itching for spring to come so we can go more hopefully. Right now we've been going to Climb Iowa a couple times to get the hang of it. With rock climbing, being out of shape makes it extremely hard, at least for me. I tire out easily so I need to build my stamina and strength. So for the few people reading, if you have any advice or workout ideas I'd love to hear them! I'm contemplating joining the gym but have a fear that I wouldn't go enough to make it worth it. My schedule is so all over the place it is hard to find a consistent time with going anywhere. So home workouts are favorable right now. We'll see how it goes this month though. :)

I went to the grocery store with the attitude of buying healthy. Being in school I snack. A lot. It is so easy for me to pick up a bag of chips and eat most of them while I'm working on homework or whatever. I have gotten into the habit of an after school snack too. So I looked for a healthy snack that is also something I would enjoy. I plan to throw together some raisins and m&m's with some regular almonds so I get the nutrition and satisfy my sweet tooth. If I'm motivated enough, I'll measure it out so I can just grab a bag or container of it before going to school without having to worry about eating the whole lot. While I was picking up the almonds, I was looking at all the other flavors and saw dark chocolate.  Blue Diamond makes an oven roasted dark chocolate flavored almond. They are delicious. I tried them as soon as I got home. 160 Calories for 1 oz (24 nuts). So a little more than I wanted calorie wise but they have a lot of good things in them (i.e. vitamins and minerals). Blue Diamond lists little tidbits of info on their site. Almonds should help curb hunger and give me that crunchy texture that I love about chips.

If for some strange reason you don't like chocolate, they make a ton of other flavors. Honey roasted is probably my favorite traditional flavor. And I just saw they make "nut chips". I may try them out next time!

What's your favorite "guilt -free" snack?


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  1. So now that I've discovered your blog, I'm going to post so many comments. Hahaha. Fruit and veggies will be your bffs for healthy snacks! Since I have been training for the half marathon, I've also been trying to watch what I eat to make sure I can actually get through these 13.1 miles. So far, I've got 5 miles down!

    Anyway, back to healthy snacks. Peaches (canned in water or light syrup) are really good warmed up with ginger and cinnamon on top. I also love red peppers, pineapple, cucumber, jicama, blueberries, and melons for snacking on mindlessly. These get expensive though, so usually I just buy what's on sale. Air popped popcorn is good too. I LOVE THOSE COCOA almonds. So good. The Almond Crisps are also really good...I like the cheddar and sea salt kind. Yogurt and cottage cheese are good too for a snack (plus they have protein to keep you full).

    Ugh. I miss you. Can't wait to (hopefully) see you next weekend...I'm coming to town!