Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bed Rest....

I've made it to 37 weeks. My last check up was Thursday and due to high blood pressure I was placed on bed rest until baby bunny decides to make his appearance.  I am not having any other signs or symptoms so doctor isn't too worried but thinks being on bed rest will hopefully help reduce my pressure and keep baby and I both healthy.

While many think bed rest would be awesome, I'm on day 4 and already stir crazy...If I hadn't been told I have to lay around with my feet up I would be doing just that. But now, knowing I have to sit around with my feet up is driving me crazy! Not that I have anything particular to do but, especially now with the nice weather, I'd love to be out taking more walks or working in the garden...
so if anyone has any good recommendations for Netflix or books to read I have a lot of free time in the next 3 weeks!

I believe we have everything generally ready for baby boy to come.  Of course I have no idea what we need for sure. I had a really great shower a couple weeks ago and got a bunch of things we needed! My friend who has a 5 month old brought by 3 big tubs of 0-6 month clothes. so we are set on that for sure!

I've got my hospital bag packed with everything I *think* I need. I'm caught up on school work of everything I can do so far I think. So now it's just laying around playing a waiting game. R is working hard on finishing the vanity upstairs and building shelves to help organize the basement. Just playing the waiting game again! :)

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