Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How many weeks left!?

10. TEN. ten weeks left...

My friend told me I should write a comedy about being pregnant. I have no good stories to tell :) and now, I'm down to the last 10 weeks of pregnancy and have documented almost nothing. Mostly, I haven't felt very well to find time to do something like write or journal. I started off my pregnancy wanting to journal, because I knew it would go quickly and in the end I'd want to look back on it. My journal from when I studied abroad is one of my favorite things to re-read and I knew this would be fun to read too. Oh well. I'll try to recap and write somethings I remember. 

Our pregnancy was a surprise, we weren't trying and hadn't planned for it to happen but none-the-less God had different plans. And we are completely thrilled to be expecting our first son in April. September 7, 2014, God changed our lives forever. that was the day I (we) found out I was pregnant. We weren't trying and I wasn't terribly worried about getting pregnant because I was on birth control and had heard horror stories of friends who got off the pill and tried for years before being able to conceive. I guess somewhere between working nights and everything a pill got missed and we got blessed. :) All in God's perfect timing right?  The timing is really good for us as my estimated due date is April 29. One week after I finish my BSN and one week before Tulip Time...everyone keeps saying I couldn't have planned it better, but I had nothing to do with it. :) 
I won't lie and say I'm not terrified of what this change will mean for us though. We are pretty spontaneous people, we love to travel and hike and kayak and do all sorts of things in summer. Having a newborn will defiantly change this but I still think we'll be as active as we can be. Randy has already bought a hiking pack to carry our little bunny along with us. :) 

I won't say I'm one of those women who have enjoyed being pregnant either.  I have been sick about every week since finding out I'm pregnant. Being 29 weeks and a few days and I still puked this week. I'll save you the details but when I do puke, it's not a little Ralph here and there, it's full body convulsions projectile vomiting. So far though, I've been able to eat everything again, except for eggs for some reason...I think it's a texture thing with them. I have been repulsed by the idea of even trying eggs again. I'm hoping I'll be able to after baby is here though. I haven't had any real craving yet. The one thing I have written on the grocery list is fudge-sickles. They just sounded really good one day.  

Telling people
When we first found out, we had plans to go to our friends house the next day for dinner. I had been texting him about how badly I wanted/needed a night to relax and drink because of work and school. Well, I am a terrible secret keeper, especially from him. We tell each other everything and he can read me like a book. Seriously, I mean it when I say he's my best friend (of course besides Randy). So when he asked what I wanted to drink and I said water and started blushing he knew something was up. We had literally just found out the night before and hadn't told our parents or anybody yet (okay, I can't say anybody because I HAD to snapchat my other best friend Tanya...I think I did that right away, but maybe it was later on...) 
I had developed an idea of how I wanted to tell my parents, since it was their first grandchild I wanted to do something that said "the best parents get promoted to grandparents." I found an adorable frame on Etsy that can hold a picture too, of course it took what seemed like FOREVER for it to come so we could tell them. I also made onsies that said "I love grandma and grandpa" on them for my parents and randy's parents. Of course my dad knew right away when we went to their house to tell them, mom probably did too but she at least acted more surprised! :) When we told Randy's parents we did it a weekend we were camping with them so we needed to let them know early in case I got sick and needed to run out! Randy got a mum and called it a "Grand-mum". His dad picked up on it but his mom didn't, so I made him give her the box with the onsie in it. Needless to say, everyone is thrilled. 
I told some of my co-workers pretty early on because of that come with working in the ER [radiation, shingles, ect...]. I actually didn't ever tell the radiology tech, but somehow he figured it out earlier too. I'm pretty sure he picked up on it the same week we had just found out, must be that extra radiation he's exposed to all the time. 

We brought chocolate chip cookies to the fire department and EMS for a training we had. We were pretty good about saying they weren't ours for most of the day [well, I was!] We had rope rescue training. The second day we would be repelling. My OB wasn't trilled with the idea, but I think he knew he wouldn't be able to stop me. I was still early so I wasn't too concerned but he told me I shouldn't do anything I wouldn't do with a newborn in my arms. But look, here I am at 30 weeks and everything is looking good so far! :) Just getting little man ready for the adventures we're going to have! I didn't go upside-down like we were supposed to because I knew for sure that would make me puke. 

Our first OB appointment was at 12 weeks. Randy came a long and I thought for sure we would see someone we knew at the clinic and they would ask what we were doing or assume it was for pregnancy. We didn't though, or at least I didn't notice anyone! We had a little bit of a scare when the Doctor first couldn't find the heartbeat with Doppler. For something that we weren't expecting, I completely fell in love with this little bean inside of me pretty quickly and was terrified. Being a nurse I have several patients who come in for miscarriages around 12 weeks and I knew not being able to hear the heartbeat wasn't a good thing. We got sent to ultrasound quickly and were informed all was okay! My doctor initially thought that I wasn't as far along as I thought because I had been on birth control and I couldn't remember my exact last date. Little bunny was measuring right on what I thought though! Just didn't want to be heard by Doppler I guess! 

At my 20 week appointment I was really hoping we were going to find out if little bunny was a boy or a girl, but we had to schedule the Ultra Sound for later. I was hoping we would know by the weekend of December 12 because all of our family would be in town for my father-in-law's retirement party and my family Christmas. We couldn't do the U/S until Monday though. We both knew when we first saw that our little bunny was a boy! He was wiggling and moving around like crazy and the tech had a hard time getting the measurements she needed but it was pretty obvious what was there. :) We were both pretty excited for a boy, Randy knows nothing about little girls and I have always wanted a boy first, even though I didn't like my older brother at times, I loved the fact he was there to watch over me and protect me if I ever needed it.  

20 Weeks

My other appointments so far have been pretty basic. Mostly taking about 10 minutes to do heart tones (which have all be great! :] ) and measuring fundal height. Which has been right on or a week ahead this last time, which is normal.
We've talked about my due date and needing to be delivered by Tulip Time (which is the weekend after my date! :/ Hoping little man doesn't decide to come early either as I will be finishing up my BSN just before.  

Kicks and movements! 
I don't remember exactly how far along I was when I first felt those "butterfly" tickles but it was a strange feeling! They say you won't know right away what it is and it's true. To me, I felt like I was being tickled on the inside. I'm pretty ticklish to begin with and sometimes I would laugh because of that feeling.  Pretty quickly the tickles moved to kicks. Which again is a strange feeling. Soon enough, his kicks were strong enough to be felt and Randy has been able to feel a few times when he's kicked. 
Most recently I've been noticing movement and kicks from the outside. Every time I try to get Randy to see them he stops though. Stubborn little dude. :)  Yesterday when I was trying to sleep before work he would not stop moving! It's almost enough to make me feel sick to my stomach because of how much he moves and wiggles.   

Funny things? 
Not super funny, but when we first found out it's a boy, we started affectionately calling him Baby Worp. Randy and I did this before telling my family but they started doing the same and little dude is affectionately called Baby Worp pretty frequently by my family. (Worp was my Great Grandpa Borgman's name, and my Dad's middle name is "W" after him.) 

I'm lucky enough that my best friend is pregnant the same time as me. She's about 5? weeks behind me so we've shared stories and laughs throughout. She's lucky enough that she hasn't gotten sick and is feeling awesome, I keep telling her she's having a girl since they're waiting to find out. I don't know how, I wanted to know since day 1! Anyway, she gets the privilege of laughing at me when I text her ridiculous things.  Like yesterday when I decided taking a bath would be nice. I needed to shave my legs because I hadn't done it in a while...something about balancing and maneuvering enough to get everything didn't seem appealing and for some strange reason I thought doing it in the bath would be case you're wondering it's not. It may be another month before I shave again. Also, you all have seen a pregnant lady grunt and moan getting off the couch in movies. Okay, now imaging a whale trying to stand up out of a bathtub.  Yeah, not very pretty. I seriously thought I was going to have to call Randy to help me get up.  Lessons learned. (The bath was very relaxing though!) 

Non-pregnancy related things
Our house project is coming along very well. We are scheduled to get carpet upstairs next week! Which means everything is finished up there except the bathroom but it's coming a long great. Rather than continue this into forever, I'll make another post for all those updates!  :)  

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