Tuesday, October 16, 2012

...Couch Groove...

That's where I sit as I write this. In the grove I have created in my couch due to my sedimentary lifestyle I have created but starting today I am vowing to work at changing that. This week my friend Alex (check out her blog here) posted about "Operation Pants fit" which was posted by another blogger (check out the button below). It kind of struck home to me. My pants are starting to not fit. The last time I went jean shopping I had to buy a bigger size than I had. I have consistently started buying larger shirts too.

Nursing school is stressful. Starting this week I'll have clinical on Thursday from 7AM to 230PM. Meaning  I have to get up in time to leave by 5:30 to get to our site on time. I have mound of homework I should be doing. I have two tests this week. Regardless, I should not use it as an excuse for the roughly 15 pounds I have gained since I was at a more comfortable weight. I have always been heavier than most my age but I always credited to my height. Being six foot tall I'm allowed to weigh more right? Wrong. It might actually be a reason for me to need to work harder.

Last night my husband asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I made the excuse that one of my favorite shows, "Two Broke Girls" started and I didn't have time. Really? I'm starting to revolve my life around tv shows? Not something I want to become. "Max's homemade cupcakes" might have only been on my TV for a half hour but I will feel the effects of digital cupcakes forever...
A half hour really isn't that much. Especially when it comes to working out but it will add up. A half hour sitting on the couch does quickly...

So here is my goal. Written out so I can stay accountable.
 I am going to add at least 30 minutes of physical activity at least three times a week. 
 To start! Because of my crazy schedule and hours this will allow me a little bit of lead way to get into the routine.

Zumba Fitness
(From Amazon)
So what am I going to do? Well I tell you this straight up, it's not going to be running or training for a half marathon. I have bad knees. I blame it on growing fast when I was younger. I also have what was diagnosed as arthritis in my feet.(this is probably the actual cause of my knee pain). My feet are sometimes so bad it makes walking hard. Putting the extra stress of running on them really does a number for me the next day. So I choose to do less harsh exercise. I like Zumba. I have it for Xbox Kinect. 

I don't have a gym membership because of the fact that I wouldn't use it. I like the privacy of my own basement where I can 
1) wear whatever I choose to because no one else is there with me
2) look like a complete fool when doing it but it doesn't matter because I'm by myself. 
3) Do laundry at the same time. 
Do whatever works for you. I like Zumba because even if I don't know how to do the move or [more likely] am not coordinated enough to do them, as long as I'm moving I'm working out. (The instructor on the game is very encouraging too.) I'm a huge time person. I like to see the amount of time I have left.  There are many different styles of dances and tempos. I'm still on beginner but it is still a great work out.
There are many other great work out games for Kinect. This was one of my justifications for buying the Kinect so it's time to get more use out of it! 

Check out Operation Pants Fit. I don't tweet but if you do join up. Having someone to keep you motivated and accountable really helps. That's what my hubby shoulda done last night! Starting today we are starting to change our lives!


PS. I'm not turning this into a work out blog either. But that what Calee from Life +Running (Creator of #operationpantsfit ) is for. There are several other great workout blogs there too. So many people have started training for 5Ks or half's too it would be easy to find a workout partner.


  1. Aw I'm so glad I inspired you to start working out! And you should totally start tweeting...because it's fun :). But even if you don't, that's okay :). Let me know how it goes!

  2. Thanks for joining up! :) I said those same words "not going to be a workout (or food) blog". I started out to track my running for a marathon, then ended up blogging about crafts, and now I'm kind of mostly healthy living. but that will change most likely!