Thursday, October 11, 2012

Print Friendly Recipes!

 Hey all! Just in case you're wondering I have newly created a place where you can find more printer friendly recipes.  They'll mostly be the ones posted on here but in a more black and white style so you can go to that page and print it straight from there. Yes it is another step but better than wasting all your ink and you can print it rather than write it down. :) I thought it be helpful to some. So you can check it out {here} Yes, I'm a cheater on blogger and am using google pages for it. I'll try to remember to link each recipe up to it but if I forget feel free to remind me! :) 

PS. I will hopefully be posting my pumpkin bar recipe later! :) I also have a sewing craft I did a few weeks ago that should be getting a post one of these days too. but until then! 


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