Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update- Life as a nurse

I am an Emergency Room nurse.  I am  an ER RN! This has been my dream since I started doing EMS and working as a tech in the ER.  I am blessed.
Very few new graduate nurses get to start off right in the department they want, especially if this department is Emergency. Most hospitals would like for new graduates to get at least 6 months of experience on a medical/surgical floor before working in the specialty areas. Which is a legit request, I totally understand their theory. As a tech for five years I saw so  many different kinds of patients on the med/surg floor and learned so much. If a new grad has little to no previous hospital experience this is a great place to start. But from working there for five years and having 5 semesters of clinical experiences I had my fill of Med/surg and was so ready to be starting somewhere more exciting, especially after having my EMS experience and knowing the excitement of it. :)

So far, I'm loving my job. I have some very interesting stories and have seen so much and gotten a load of experience. I'm one of those crap magnets, if you will.  However, it actually hasn't been that bad, and wasn't nearly as bad as my first six months of ems but I've seen many things I've never seen before.

Working in the capital city, it's a much bigger population and much busier hospital than what I'm used to.  So far it's been a positive experience. :) I'm sure more postings about my job will come in the future. I'm loving working an average of 3 days  a week. This week, I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and now have 6 days off until I work again next wednesday. I switch to overnight so that will be a big change but I think it will work better with the drive. It takes just at an hour to get there so getting off work at 7ish I get home around 8ish and am exhausted generally. So working nights, I'll get home and R will be off work allowing me to sleep during the day in peace (*Hopefully!*)

The life of a night shift ER nurse will continue and stories will come!

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